We can place limits on the amount you are able to risk or lose for a specified time period or a rolling time period.

If you request that we set your limit to a specified weekly risk amount, you will only be able to risk this per a 7 day rolling period.

If you would like to limit the amount you can risk or lose for a set period of time, then please advise us via email sent from your registered email address and we will apply the limits.

Please note that due to technical limitations on our website, if you opted to use this feature you will only be able to place wagers on Outrights using the Beta view of our website. Unfortunately, Teasers are not available for you if you have a risk or loss limit set to your account.

Should you wish to remove this limit, there is a mandatory 7 day waiting period from when the request is submitted for the restriction to be lifted. We cannot override this feature or make exceptions.  This waiting period also applies should you wish to increase your risk or loss limit.

At present the wager and loss limit restriction does not apply to Casino activity. Should you wish to have your Casino access blocked please advise us and we will do so.